Denver Urban Gardens is Selling Donated Community Garden Land

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It's hard to even believe, but we just found out that Denver Urban Gardens is selling off one of it's community gardens. Yes, we're talking about Denver's very own garden non-profit D.U.G.—who's mission is to cultivate gardeners and secure sustainable land for gardens—is selling invaluable, irreplaceable community garden land to developers for $1.2 million.

Denver Yimby: Denver Urban Gardens is Selling Donated Community Garden Land

This non-profit is selling off donated land for short-term profit to continue to run their organization into the ground. The El Oasis Community Garden, which was donated to D.U.G. for $1, is now being sold for $1.2 million and a pair of overpriced duplexes will replace the open green space with buildings.

These duplexes, like most all of recent Denver's excessive development, will be designed to cover every square inch of open ground allowed. No more green space for people to enjoy, no more vegetables to feed the community, no more pollinator and bird habitat, no more permeable soil. Well, to clarify, a small 1/3rd portion of the garden will remain, but it will be without easy pedestrian access as the plot will face an alley. The rest of it will all be paved over so that a few new residents can have a fancy modern duplex right next to the small remains of a community garden.

Denver Urban Gardens selling donated land of El Oasis Community Garden to Developers

And, as usual whenever any company or organization does something wrong, they are acting as if it's totally OK to sell the donated land, citing that the developers who donated the land did not secure a written statement promising it would stay a garden in perpetuity, giving D.U.G. the right to sell it. The right? If the staff and board of D.U.G. truly cared about gardens, everyone would recognize that a short-term profit from the sale of a garden that can never replaced is unacceptable.

For a little bit of backstory, watch this video of the actual donor Rohn talking about the donation of his land 32 years ago to Denver Urban Gardens:

Above Video's Description From YouTube: 32 years ago, a plot of land was donated to Denver Urban Gardens on the promise that it would remain a community garden in perpetuity and never developed. Now, Denver Urban Gardens is breaking that promise and selling the land to be developed. Visit to learn more and help fight.