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Denver Ballot Measure 2O

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Vote NO on Denver Ballot Measure 2O - voting NO on 2O means that the Denver Park Hill Golf Course will remain protected as open space under the current easement and cannot be developed into 5-8+ story buildings.

Voting NO on 2O absolutely DOES NOT mean that the space has to remain a golf course, contrary to the lies that Westside is spreading. Rather, voting NO on 2O protects the open space that under the easement must remain open space and/or be used for other recreational uses including parkland, trails, natural areas with native plants, etc. Voting NO on 2O means that the open space will forever stay open space, and not be filled with 5-8+ story buildings and concrete.

This sign from hits the nail on the head. Even the city says it doesn’t have to be a golf course. Conservation easements can be amended. The ballot language is misleading to the point of untruthfulness - do not fall for the lies! Read why former Mayor Wellington Webb and others are voting NO on 2O »

Denver residents should vote NO on 2O to protect the last of Denver's great open spaces. If you vote yes to remove the easement, then Westside development will build 5-8 story buildings shading nearby neighbors and there is no guarantee they will put in parks or much affordable housing. It's all talk. Don't fall for the deception.

Denver INC has a great summary with links to the two relevant documents - the conservation easement and the agency agreement. Visit their webpage here:

In summary, the golf course property is currently encumbered by an Agency Agreement and perpetual Conservation Easement that limits the use of the property to open space in general and/or a golf course in particular. Voting NO on 2O will protect this easement to allow for the area to remain open space. Do not let a developer steal Denver's open space away from the residents. Vote NO on 2O.

Read more about the easement and the Park Hill Golf Course - Denver, Colorado »

For a little humor to lighten the doom and gloom of developer-craziness, check out this local comedian, Adam Cayton-Holland's thoughts:

If you're wondering why our City Council and Representatives and Mayor have been going against the wishes of their constituents, just follow the money. Though they denied it at the PBS12 mayoral debate, three of the Mayor candidates – all proponents of Westside’s project – did indeed accept $500 contributions from Westside's founder and principal Andrew Klein.

  • State Senator Chris Hansen also received a contribution of $500 from Andrew Klein.

  • Former State Senator Mike Johnston has accepted $500 from Andrew Klein.

  • City Councilmember Debbie Ortega‘s campaign has received $500 from Andrew Klein in this election cycle as well as donations from Westside.

Westside Investment Partners’ leaders and staff are also supporting 2023 City Council candidates including Amanda Sawyer, Adam Estroff, Travis Leiker, Gilmore, Daryl Watson, Tim Hoffman, Will Chan and Diana Romero Campbell.

At the PBS12 mayoral debate, the only candidates that said they would vote no on lifting the easement were: Kwame Spearman, Lisa Calderón, Trinidad Rodriguez and Ean Tafoya.

This information above is sourced from this Denverite article, check it out to learn more about who's getting paid to sell out our open space that is protected by the easement:


It's time for Denver voters to once again protect open space in Denver, and vote NO on 2O.



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