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24,000 Denver metro apartments were empty at the end of 2023

Is Denver having a housing crisis? No. There are plenty of places to rent, and yet developers are building everywhere, and our city council continues to change our zoning against resident's wishes to allow for more development, citing the need for more affordable housing.

Affordable housing is only a tiny percentage of what is being built. Developers are not interested in building affordable housing, they're interested in making money. Developers even tried to get the voters to remove an open space easement to allow them to build and sprawl into the last open space in Denver on the former Park Hill Golf Course. Thankfully Denver residents voted to protect the open space.

Denver Yimby: Too much housing is being built

Apparently there are currently about 45,000 already proposed units in the development pipeline, and a vast majority of these will not be "affordable" – they will be overpriced, poorly built "luxury" condos that will continue to overburden our already struggling infrastructure while increasing our property taxes, flooding, traffic, and pollution. You'd think that the cost of housing would decrease from all of this overdevelopment and vacant apartments, but it's not even making a dent in the cost of rent. Yet our city council continues to spew their lies about needing to change our zoning to allow for ADUs and higher skyrises to be built to help make Denver more affordable. What a joke. Denver has been ruined by greed and development, and it gets worse day by day as developer cranes dominate our skyline.

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