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ADU Rezoning Laws Destroying Single Family Home Neighborhoods In Denver

Will New ADU Rezoning Laws Destroy Single Family Home Neighborhoods In Denver?

This article is an interesting read about ADUs from


Members of the community in and around Hale see the addition of ADUs through a much different lens. According to residents in the surrounding neighborhoods, making ADUs a more accessible op­tion for all homeowners in the area will destroy the character of their neighborhood and create irreparable damage in addition to the growing pains that are already facing. They fear that ADUs will be used as rentals to offset housing costs, creating a flood of trouble. With the slew of retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues that have been built in the Hale neighborhood near 8th and Colorado in the past few years, along with thousands of new residents that moved into the 9th+CO development, parking and congestion of traffic is already extremely formidable.

Denver Yimby - ADUs are terrible for Denver's historic neighborhoods.

A majority of Denver's residents agree that we don't want zoning to be changed to encourage more development in our historic neighborhoods. Allowing more development and ADUs so that investors can bulldoze our smaller homes, trees and open landscapes is only causing more issues for everyone. Our city council is not listening to the residents who live here. We do not want to turn our neighborhoods into non-stop construction zones. The never-ending "in-fill" construction in our historic neighborhoods is turning our former quiet and tree-filled blocks into flood zones with very little permeable ground that the area was not designed for. With every ADU and addition, area flooding increases, traffic gets worse, parking issues arise, healthy tree canopy is lost, pollution and noise increases, and we lose the peaceful neighborhoods that they were meant to be. The bulldozing of smaller homes to build giant ones as well as ADU infill is not helping with housing affordability, it's just cramming more people in and raising our property taxes. This is a win for the city government, but is a loss for our neighborhoods and residents.



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