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Why is open space called "Vacant Land" in Denver?

Now that 2O is getting voted down by Denver residents, the development supporters are touting that Denver voters were wrong to protect this open space. Here is a recent comment on 2O getting voted down:

“Really? So it remains privately owned vacant land. How is that a win?”

Why is open space called "Vacant Land" in Denver?

This tree filled green space is a breath of fresh air in the face of all the buildings and development going on everywhere in Denver currently. Housing is being crammed in everywhere, and thank goodness Denver voters had the sense to vote AGAIN to protect the Park Hill Golf Course open space easement so that Denver developers will not be allowed to sprawl into the last of our great open spaces in the city.

One of our elderly neighbors said she was happy that it was getting voted down, as she would have really missed the green, beautiful view filled with trees that is so rare in our city. But I'm sure the developers won't give up. They are certainly acting like they want to punish us now for voting to keep our open space.

From Westside:

“The site will immediately be closed to public use or access, with no housing, community grocery store, or public parks allowed on this site, in accordance with the will of the voters,” said a spokesperson for the Yes on 2O campaign.”

Gotta love sore losers.

While Developer-supporting-YIMBYS are saying this is a loss for Denver, it is, in fact, a win. If the open space easement is kept in place (barring no more deceptive ballot measures in the future), then this huge swath of green space and trees will be protected for all to enjoy in the future. May it become a great park! Thanks to all the people who fought against Goliath to protect nature, open space, trees, and ponds from the bulldozers.

The neighborhoods surrounding the Park Hill Golf Course can now breath a sigh of relief that this beautiful open space will not become a 20 year construction zone while they erect 12 story buildings in place of healthy mature trees.



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