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Suncor Air Pollution in Denver

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SunCor Air Pollution in Denver

I grew up here, and Suncor has always been a source of smells in the Denver area – so much so that it is joked about often by my family members and friends who live anywhere in the Front Range. All you have to do is drive by the area and it smells horrible, it also drifts further depending on the weather so you can smell it from miles away on any given day. I've also read several reports about accidents that involved degrading our air quality and causing pollution for the region, which is concerning. What measures can be taken to ensure that the pollution and odors from the Suncor plant can be reduced and/or eliminated? I hope if we give our input in this survey they will listen and help improve their operations to help cleanup the air. Another polluter, at least in terms of smells, is the Purina Dog Chow factory off I-70 – another source of many stench jokes when driving in the area, and the smell drifts far and wide ahead of storms. We always joke that if you can smell the Purina Dog Chow smell, then a storm is heading our way.

Next, if we can only inspire humans to drive and consume less...



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