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Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The City of Denver is working with Westside developers to go against the resident tax-payers by proposing only development options for the Park Hill Golf Course land, which is protected by an easement to keep it open space.

Read the arguments on why people are voting NO on 2O – including former mayor Wellington Webb's statement on why he is against voting to remove the easement »

Denver Yimby: Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment

Reposted from Facebook's Group SOS: Here is a letter in today’s Denver Post that offers good advice for Denver residents on the matter of the future of the former Park Hill Golf Course land.

“Denver’s planning department just finished an online open house to present how they would like to have the former Park Hill Golf Course developed. They have spent many hours planning for how a private company could develop this land. Now they are presenting this planning to the public as a prevailing plan from the neighborhood.

The city has willfully avoided mentioning that the citizenry of Denver voted and paid for a conservation easement on this land to keep it open space. There are still members of the community who worked on this easement that will tell you that the intention was to keep the land as open space. One would think the city would be on the side of its residents, but they have done the opposite by spending to help the developer. And now they push a survey that only gives options for development as if development is the only option.

Yes, the city has a housing problem. We are all aware of that. But we also have a diminishing tree canopy and a shortage of parkland and open space. The golf course could go a long way in helping the open space problem. The city will never again have this opportunity to create a beautiful open space this large within the city limits. Please urge your mayor and your council person to work to keep Park Hill Golf Course as open space and to respect its citizens who voted for and paid for the easement. It’s the right thing to do.”

- Gary M., Denver Tell your friends about this issue. Visit and to learn more. If the city puts a ballot measure asking voters to eliminate the conservation easement on the ballot either in November or next April's mayoral election we'll need volunteers and donations to fight it! You can also email the Denver City Council members to ask that they support the resident's wishes of keeping this space as open space:

Here's a wonderful imagining of a great park for the Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment:

Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment - Denver Yimby

Wouldn't this be wonderful if the city would represent and LISTEN to their constituents – the people who live here – and kept this land as open space for all of the residents to enjoy? Read more at:

Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment - Public votes to keep it open space

Here is some more recent news on this issue from the

Excerpts from article: A group called YES for Parks and Open Space is calling for the former Park Hill Golf Course to be redeveloped into 100% parkland. “As the City and the developer continue with their sham process to fleece citizens into believing that mixed use development is the only option, we went to work, taking the comments from the City’s own survey to provide people with a possible vision for that land,” spokesman Penfield Tate III said in a news release. “We’ve seen what (Community Planning and Development) has put out and called a ‘prevailing vision’ — it’s a ‘prevailing development vision’ and people should not be fooled by it. They voted against it. Soundly.” Read the full article »

Denver Yimby: Park Hill Golf Course Redevelopment - why not do what Wichita, Kansas did and create a huge park as voted for by the city residents?

Kansas, Wichita has good city leadership who listen to their constituents. After soliciting public feedback about what to do with a 95 acre former golf course in the middle of the city, they allocated $28 million to turn it into a destination park. Read on:


Denver, it's time in April 2023 to vote NO on 2O and once again vote to protect this valueable, irreplaceable open space from development.



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