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Next Door Censorship

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Next Door Censorship - Denver YIMBYs for GOOD

Think Next Door is a friend of the neighborhood? Think again. Next Door has censored posts that we have added and have disabled a few of our accounts, citing spam or promotion. All we did was post information about the East Area Plan so that neighbors could participate and give the city planners feedback. They disabled accounts without citing any specific reason, and have not responded to our emails to ask why our accounts were disabled. All of our posts were deleted as well, including many posts sharing positive reviews of local restaurants or local services, or sharing local events we heard about such as farmers markets in our neighborhood.

Apparently being an optimistic voice on Next Door isn't what they're looking for. They're fine with the endless posts about mask-shaming, lost dogs, and burglaries. They just don't want anyone on the side of preserving our neighborhood to be posting on Next Door. This leads us to believe that Next Door may be run by city planners and/or developers, why would they censor people who live in and want to protect the neighborhood? So, thanks Next Door for inspiring us to build our own website to talk about our neighborhood's wishes. Yes, in our Backyard – we want to change things for the better! Let's protect our open spaces, historic homes (even the small ones), and create a network of native plant patches for both humans and wildlife to enjoy throughout our city in our parkways and parks. Since we can't voice these opinions and dreams on Next Door, we will do it here.



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