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Does Denver City Park Golf Course have to remain a golf course?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

No. Under the current conservation easement, the Denver City Park Golf Course land can be open space – including parks, natural areas, community gardens, ball fields, and trails.

Does Denver City Park Golf Course have to remain a golf course under the current Easement? No, it can also be open space.
Does Denver City Park Golf Course have to remain a golf course under the current Easement? No, it can also be open space or a park.
Vote NO on 2O in Denver to protect Open Space!
Vote NO on 2O in Denver to protect Open Space!

Don't fall for the Westside developer lies, vote NO on 2O to preserve the easement that already protects the precious 155-acre former Park Hill Golf Course so it can continue to be open space or a park. Denver residents already voted to keep this easement in place, the only reason this is on the ballot again is that Westside wants us to remove the open space easement so they can develop 5-8 story buildings on this land. They are NOT interested nor obligated to build any parks, contrary to what they are claiming.

Voting NO on 2O does NOT mean that the land has to remain a golf course, voting No on 2O only means that it cannot be developed, it will be protected to remain open space. So this land, the last of Denver's open spaces, could become a park with trails, natural areas with native plants, and community gardens. Denver has more than enough endless development, we need to preserve this, the last of our precious Denver open spaces. Vote NO on 2O. Read more arguments to vote NO on 2O – including former mayor Wellington Webb's reasons why he is against voting to remove the easement » This flier that is being distributed below in our neighborhoods contains a lie:

Did you get a Yes on 20 flier on your door? Don't fall for these lies! Protect open space in Denver by voting NO on 2O.

Even the city of Denver says that leaving the easement in place does not mean that it has to be a golf course – it just cannot be developed into housing and retail. The ballot language and these deceptive flyers are misleading to the point of untruthfulness.

If you want more outdoor public park space for everyone in our community, VOTE NO on 2O this April in Denver.

For a little humor, check out this local comedian, Adam Cayton-Holland's thoughts:

If you're wondering who's behind the signs in the neighborhood promoting "Denver's 4th Largest Park" - check out this volunteer for, stealing a No on 2O signs and putting up their deceptive Yes on 2O signs trying to get Denver voters to vote to remove the protective easement:

If you're wondering why our City Council and Representatives and Mayor have been going against the wishes of their constituents, just follow the money. Though they denied it at the PBS12 mayoral debate, three of the Mayor candidates – all proponents of Westside’s project – did indeed accept $500 contributions from Westside's founder and principal Andrew Klein.

  • State Senator Chris Hansen also received a contribution of $500 from Andrew Klein.

  • Former State Senator Mike Johnston has accepted $500 from Andrew Klein.

  • City Councilmember Debbie Ortega‘s campaign has received $500 from Andrew Klein in this election cycle as well as donations from Westside.

Westside Investment Partners’ leaders and staff are also supporting 2023 City Council candidates including Amanda Sawyer, Adam Estroff, Travis Leiker, Gilmore, Daryl Watson, Tim Hoffman, Will Chan and Diana Romero Campbell.

At the PBS12 mayoral debate, the only candidates that said they would vote no on lifting the easement were: Kwame Spearman, Lisa Calderón, Trinidad Rodriguez and Ean Tafoya.

Westside and its leaders have been major donors to Mayor Michael Hancock’s campaigns and have given more than $41,000 to candidates running for office since 2015.

This information above is sourced from this Denverite article, check it out to learn more about who's getting paid to sell out our open space that is protected by the easement:

These expensive & deceptive flyers are being mailed and distributed to our neighborhoods with the false statements and empty promises. Our home received three of these so far just this week. Westside, the developer who wants to develop the golf course and who purchased this land knowing it was protected as open space under the easement is by law is only required to provide 10% affordable housing, and they don't have to build any parks at all. Don't fall for these lies.

We urge Denver voters to again vote to protect the easement: vote NO on 2-O.



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