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Denver is not Full?!!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There's not enough traffic? Besides commuters, the mass exodus of traffic to the mountains is a daily nightmare. People feel trapped in Denver with all the construction noise, pollution and traffic, so they want to escape to the mountains for a breath of fresh air.

There's not enough cranes dotting our skyline? It's ridiculous seeing all the development going on everywhere.

There's not enough pollution in Denver?

We're in the top 10 for the worst pollution in the country! There's not enough construction in Denver? The constant back-up-beeping and exhaust of construction excavators, loaders and trucks, pounding of machines, dust from construction sites is an environmental catastrophe for our city. We witness beautiful, well-built historic buildings being demolished and thrown into our landfills and replaced with quickly and poorly-built-and-designed buildings. Construction Defects run amock, and there are plenty of Construction Defect lawyers and Construction Companies that are lined up to ”assist“ the new residents who have to deal with the issues.

There's not enough strain on our school systems... On our roads and highways... On our lacking public transportation system?

There's not enough strain on our healthcare system? Or enough demand already on our water supply? There's not enough construction already going on?! You gotta be kidding us.–what are you trying to say? If Denver is not full, how come we have to keep on with this endless building of skyrises?! We are Denver YIMBYs for GOOD. We're all YIMBYs, we all want to make the best of our city. Stop calling us names like elitist or NIMBYs, we want our city to be great for everyone who lives here. We want to think about the long-term effects of covering all of our green spaces with concrete and buildings – let's protect the few open spaces left in the heart of our city! Yes, in our backyard–let's protect and preserve and think about all of our future.



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