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Denver East Neighborhoods First

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you want to find some like-minded people who actually care about our neighborhood, check out the Denver East Neighborhoods First Facebook group. or their website It's refreshing to read people's thoughts about Denver that are not about greed and money. This is also a great way to stay tuned with the East Area Plan updates, where the city planners have been bribed by developers to increase height recommendations to pave the way for more high rises along Colfax.

Here are a couple recent posts that I thought I'd share here to help spread the word: ... Posted: Several of you have written to Denver East Neighborhoods First, angry about the opinion piece written by Andy Bosselman, which was published by the Denver Post over the weekend. Gary Martyn and Jeanne Lee have submitted the following response to the Denver Post on behalf of DENF. We encourage all of you to share your responses with the editors of the Denver Post at


And so it starts. This was posted on NextDoor. 1327 Jersey St. Single family home torn down and to be turned into a 10 unit apartment project. Developer wants the city to approve reduction in parking (from required 10 spaces to 5). This is on the same block as the new 6-unit build on the corner of 13th & Jersey.

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