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Constant beeping sound outside

Living in Denver equates to constant beeping – you can hear it faintly inside the house and loudly outside the house. This constant beeping is from endless development tractors and machines backing up, endless delivery drivers backing up. It's a lovely spring Friday night at 6pm, and I thought I'd spend some time out in the vegetable garden, but the beeping got to me. Not from just one source, but at least three sources that seemed blocks away. I had to go inside. What is with this constant bombardment of our ears? Beeping coming from all directions, caused by delivery vehicles, big trucks, and machines that bulldoze affordable brick housing to be replaced with overpriced duplexes. It's enough to drive anyone insane. Is it any surprise that people are stressed out, short-tempered and frustrated? We are constantly bombarded with unnecessary beeps and noises all around us. If it isn't our phones, it's the constant drone of backup beeping coming from tractors and delivery trucks all around us. What is the purpose of the beep? For vehicles, apparently it was designed to keep people from getting run over by a vehicle backing up. But since we're all constantly hearing this beeping noise from every direction, who's even paying attention? And, what is the reason for a sound that carries such a far distance, from blocks away? The tractor on Colfax isn't going to back over me two blocks away. Apparently there ARE quieter alternative to the back up beeper that use white noise alarms which do not carry over blocks away– but these are not yet adopted by most of the companies with beeping equipment.

Denver Yimby: Constant beeping sound outside

Residents of our cities should demand that we reverse the backup beep nightmare of our own creation, and require that these loud beeping noises be eliminated or the sound changed so they cannot be heard from a distance away. Constant beeping should not be the cause of so much discomfort. It's not saving anyone, and it's driving us all crazy..



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