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ADU & Trampoline Trump Tree in Denver

Updated: Apr 25

As ADUs continue to sprawl into Park Hill, more and more mature, healthy trees are felled by people who apparently do not prefer shade, noise and pollution reduction. They also likely prefer no birds or wildlife. We do know that they prefer trampolines and buildings over landscapes and trees.

This tree fell victim to a young couple (with two new children) who decided to build an ADU extension onto the the back of their 2,000 square foot brick home. Their unused trampoline had to go underneath this beautiful evergreen tree because the rest of the yard was being built over to expand their home into as much of the lot as they could with an ADU. Since this healthy beautiful tree was shedding needles onto their kids trampoline, they decided it had to go. Sadly, this healthy specimen wasn't even in their yard, it was in the neighbor's yard, but apparently they harassed the neighbor enough to let them allow for the tree to be removed. Hopefully they asked, there is a chance the neighbor is out of town and they're just removing it without permission. This beautiful tree provided habitat for birds, a wind break, noise & pollution reduction and much-needed shade for a big portion of the block. But the developing parents who bought this property thought that they were more important than a tree older than them. It's ok that they lost valuable shade, they can just crank up their AC to cool off the much larger space they built to sprawl into their own backyard. Now their children have just a little outdoor pocket that's left to play in next to the ADU, and a very sunny, hot pocket now! Long after they throw the trampoline into a landfill as it got "old" and the "kids weren't using it" – the memory and loss of this shade & oxygen giving giant will continue to be felt by the block.

Shame on people for overpopulating our city to the point that we have to lose much of our healthy tree canopy to keep unused trampolines free of needles and make room for more room in an formerly-perfectly sized home. People lived in these 2,000 square foot homes and raised families for nearly a hundred years. But now in 2024 people just can't have enough space to store their massive amount of Amazon-purchased junk and toys. Their kids won't even know what the Amazon really is, they'll think it's just a place to get more plastic junk delivered in cardboard boxes (formerly trees) to fill their endless unsatiable desire for happiness. Sadly, trees are one of the things that make people happy, but this couple decided it was in their way so it had to go. I need to move far, far away from these glutenous fools.



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