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5G Tree Damage

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Verizon is digging giant 5G boxes and putting in 5G poles everywhere in our Denver neighborhoods.

Denver Yimby: 5G Tree Damage

Denver Yimby: 5G Property Damage during installation of 5G Towers and line

This is being done without first consulting the homeowners on where sprinkler lines are, and with total disregard for tree health – as seen in this example where a box was buried right next to a mature tree – the roots were severed to bury this giant box. Who is responsible if this tree's health should suffer in the years to come? What if the tree dies, will Verizon pay to have it removed? Tree removal in Denver can cost thousands of dollars! Not to mention the loss of the giant mature tree that cannot be replaced. Years of this size take decades to grow, and they provide cooling summer shade that cannot be replaced. The destruction of trees like this leads to a hotter, more polluted city. Why is Verizon not consulting with us first? Why are they destroying our private property without any advance notice or concern to what damage may occur?

When one of our elderly neighbors approached the people digging up her lawn, she was given this card, and said there was nothing she could do to stop them, but if she had any problems with her sprinkler lines or other property damage to call Kevin Krausman at 303.945.6628. Kevin is the president of Broadband Integrators, whom the city/Verizon has hired to bury boxes and install 5G poles on people's property without any prior notice.

Denver Yimby: Broadband Integrators Kevin Krausman Card

Tractors and trucks are showing up unexpectedly everywhere on Denver homeowner's lawns, without prior consultation or even a head's up. Sprinklers and trees and other landscaping has been damaged by this unauthorized work – and there is little homeowners can do other than call the number on the card above. I wonder, will they send out quality crews to repair sprinkler damage? Can we call our own trusted landscapers or irrigation specialists to do the fix the issues caused by the 5G installation, and will they be reimbursed?

Denver Yimby: 5G Property Damage

Denver Yimby: 5G Property Irrigation damage with no advance notice

Shame on the city of Denver for letting this damage occur to tax-paying homeowner's property without any consultation or advance notice. If consulted, homeowners could have marked their sprinkler heads and protected their trees from damage – but with no advance notice, most homeowners only found out the work was being done as it was being done. Some people came home from work with giant boxes buried in their yard unexpectedly.

I wonder how the damage will be fixed and who will pay for it. Time will tell.

We will also find out in the coming years if 5G is even safe! There is a LOT of debate in the scientific community on whether we should have 5G towers placed everywhere in our neighborhoods. Of course Verizon and other networks say it's safe, that doesn't mean that it is!

This isn't just happening in Denver, the 5G corporations are doing this in neighborhoods around the world. It seems since the pandemic started, they've sped this process up as we're all distracted.

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