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5G Towers in Denver

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Along with the massive amount of development going everywhere in Denver, 5G also is tormenting and damaging our Denver neighborhoods.

Tree Roots damaged by 5G in Denver
Tree Roots damaged by 5G in Denver

You may have noticed the construction crews with heavy equipment digging holes in our landscapes and drilling in the streets to feed orange fiber lines throughout the neighborhood.

Verizon continues to push 5G forward, so more towers and boxes are being installed in our Denver neighborhood yards without notice or consultation. They are burying the giant 5G boxes in yards around Denver, digging right through mature tree roots without any consideration for the health of the trees. Who is responsible, for example, when a tree becomes sick or dies from having it's main roots cut straight-through, as shown in the photo here? Why so many new towers?

One may wonder with all of the existing towers and our cell phones working fine already in the area, why are more towers needed? It is because 5G operates in a new, high-frequency band of the wireless spectrum, and these waves have a harder time traveling over distance or through objects, requiring more towers. They call this progress? There are many concerns about these 5G towers, and it's not just the unsightly giant towers being erected in our landscapes without notice or permission, damaging irrigation lines, compacting soil, and even drilling through sewer and water lines in the process (see below). Other 5G worries include the health concerns as well as privacy and security risks.

Yimby Denver: 5G Towers in Denver

If you want to see where they are installing 5G and other towers in our neighborhoods, view this website:

Note: it takes a bit to load, so be patient (there are a lot of towers).

Below is a screenshot of the area around Monaco and Colfax and all the towers. The blue diamonds are Verizon towers.

Denver Yimby: 5G Towers in Denver

Read these articles about 5G concerns:

Why are we allowing Verizon to tear up our yards, damage our sewer and water lines, and install these huge radiation-emitting towers right in front of our homes? Why is the city or Verizon not notifying homeowners when this work is to be done so that we can mark sprinkler heads/lines and other landscape features from damage?



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